Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Epic FMP

May 14, 2009
Haad Rin, Thailand

The epic FMP

They say that the first Full Moon Party in Koh Phang Nan began as a simple birthday celebration... a group of friends from around the world who fell in love with the sun, ambiance and beaches of Hat Rin decided to meet on the night of the full moon to celebrate. They all loved it so much that they decided to met again at the next full moon, and hence, the beginnings of the Full Moon Party were born. They must have been some charismatic party-goers, because soon enough, their epic birthday parties became known internationally as the Full Moon Party, putting the small island of Koh Phang Nan, Thailand, on the map for any traveling party person.

The Full Moon Party was similar to a carnival, but transported out of its county-fair location and placed on white sand beaches bordered by numerous thatched roof, open air bars, and surrounded by unexplored jungle and mountains. In the course of a night, we witnessed locals juggling flaming batons, drunks showing off their skills by jumping through flaming hoops of fire (a decision I am sure many regretted the following morning, when large burns marks were smeared across their backs, stomachs, and thighs), and dancers who contorted their bodies into shapes that were unnatural to any normal person. And then there were the activities that were more participatory to the normal onlooker- the dancing, drinking, and meeting.

One of the characteristic elements of the Full Moon Party are the drinks... wait, I'm sorry, I should say BUCKETS. Lining the party are numerous stands selling small buckets, which upon buying, are filled with your alcohol of choice mixed with soda and redbull, the milk that keeps the party running into the next day... and the next... and the next until the next full moon.

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