Thursday, August 25, 2011

Work Updates

To start with the Life Skills and Health Education Course, the students have been on break from school, which is why I’ve probably had so much time for pondering and unhappiness. BUT, they are returning this week. Well, they were supposed to return on Monday, but this is Rwanda. It usually takes about a week for all the students to actually return. It would have been useless to have class this week because only 3 students would be present. So, I have to wait until next week, when all the students will be present, to conduct class. Next week, we will talk about emotions, like anger, depression, and stress, probably mixed in with a little bit on peer pressure and standing up for yourself while making good decisions. Stay tuned.

We are still raising money for books through the Books for Africa website. I am working to raise money for a container of 22,000 donate books to be shipped to Rwanda. The books will be distributed among 14 communities and used to start or expand libraries there. I am receiving books to start a library at a community center at a child-friendly school. My coworker and close friend is on the Board of Directors and his brother runs the school. The books will be used to augment the curriculum at the school and will be available for loan to the greater community, improving their access to information and learning. We only have about US$2500 left to raise. For more information, please read previous blogs. To support this cause, please go to the Books For Africa website,, and donate to a specific project. Our project is called Ubwonko Bwiza: Books for Rwanda’s Future Project. Help us to end the book famine in Rwanda.

I will be starting new projects soon. The first is our second Camp GLOW. Last year, we did the camp nationally, and it was wonderful, although a bit limiting because of its size. This year, we will be conducting the camp regionally, in the east. I will be working with a team of volunteers from my region and although our camp will be smaller in size, when combined with all the camps organized by Peace Corps Volunteers in all the regions, more girls will be participating. In addition, we will respond to specific issues affecting our region, include more people from our communities, and have a greater role in the planning, organization, and implementation process. Second, I will be working with my organization, Plan Rwanda, to introduce and manage a youth newsletter. The details are still undecided, but I will keep you informed.

Further, it seems like focus is returning to the youth center project. The project has been spiraling downwards for reasons outside my control, but it looks like it might take an upwards swing. Keep your fingers crossed.

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